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The founders and owners of iShop to Give, Inc. (iShop) have been motivated to action by a burden to support non-profit organizations. In an age when families are crumbling, youth are turning to suicide, and people are losing their financial security, it is these self-sacrificing organizations that operate as vessels to mend the brokenness and combat the devastation of our time. Acting upon this understanding of the irreplaceable contributions of non-profit organizations’ visions to modern society, iShop has established an innovative, new web store here at that has been founded as an independent, purpose-driven, revenue-generating powerhouse for non-profit organizations. From each product available on the web store, iShop will payout a percentage of the retail price to the non-profit of the customer’s choosing from a list of approved 501(c)3 organizations.
iShop creates job opportunities both through the employment of Regional Leaders and Resource Representatives throughout the nation, and by making the market more accessible to start-up and existing businesses within the US. iShop crafts a virtual marketing division for manufacturing companies, assisting them in moving their products into the marketplace without a crippling investment or burdensome capital requirements. iShop’s web store is a tool that can be utilized by young entrepreneurs to again ignite the US with manufacturing capabilities that will foster the creation of jobs and the provision of superior products.
Of particular significance in these difficult financial times, iShop multiplies the utility of the dollar. This web store offers easy access to the goods and services individuals and households need as they simultaneously – with those same dollars – support US jobs and their non-profits of choice.
We look forward in excitement to working with you to provide an avenue for financial victory to non-profit organizations across the globe. The primary function of this web store is to supplement and to eventually replace the, until now, costly and time-consuming fundraising efforts of non-profits. Behind the scenes at iShop are passionate and gifted men who have joined together their aptitudes for business in order to financially support the visions of organizations that are literally changing lives locally and, in many cases, worldwide. Together, we can broaden the reach and strengthen the impact of non-profits’ visions to entirely new and unprecedented levels.
Michael A. Langlois (Owner):
Mike is committed to every aspect of the company, keeping at the forefront its mission which provides the drive and undaunted perseverance that he has for success. Mike is a servant leader, assisting others as he accepts and takes ownership of the responsibilities as President of iShop.
Mike has successfully applied his personal integrity and educational degrees in Business Science and Computer Assisted Design to several previous business ownership opportunities.
Graduating as Valedictorian likely foreshadowed his ability to make the most of each challenge he faced in successfully starting up and running profitable businesses where he developed strong disciplines for cash flow management, accountability of operations, and efficient project management.
While living in Florida, Mike quickly put his determination to work as he started a commercial construction company, earning contracts from large corporations including General Foods and Southern Bell.
During this time, Mike also made ready use of his “Class A” General Contractor Certification and substantial construction experience to accept responsibility for all aspects - from permits to final lot preparation - of the successful completion of a now flourishing residential land development project.
Among Mike’s other professional accomplishments are the purchase, expansion, and eventual sale of a process engineering company. This company grew rapidly as the machines they designed and produced efficiently supported the intricacies of metering material and specific chemical formulations, precisely combining essential process elements into market-ready final products. Nationally operating customers for this specialty work included a range of industries supporting everything from food service to paper making.
Mike, together with his inspirational wife, Kathleen (a mechanical engineer in her own right), enjoy the blessing of their two children, Samantha and Zachary, as they find time to run Ridgewood on the River - a family-owned, seasonal campground along the scenic Wisconsin River in Plover, Wisconsin.
John Hrusovszky:
Site Director John Hrusovszky works to keep all website functions running smoothly, including the back office, to make the shopping process as easy as possible for all iShop visitors. John also heads up site security to watch for and suspend any issues that may arise. John has been instrumental in tracking down security breaches in large computer systems, working with local law enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the State of Wisconsin's Department of Justice. He is an expert at leading teams of people in IT projects as well as in supplying customer service that is second to none.
A graduate of Cleveland Institute of Electronics, John wasted no time in applying his knowledge in the area of satellite and computer electronics in the early 1980s. He is considered an expert in many aspects of computer technology, programming, and project, people and company management.
In an attempt to assist those with limited computer experience, John and a friend founded the Central Wisconsin Computer Society (CWCS) in 1985, where he dedicated his time and expertise in helping community members learn how to get the most from their computers. He was a pioneer for the online experience in Wisconsin in the mid 1980s and an entrepreneur in founding multiple successful startup companies including a very well-known internet company in 1995. As a natural born leader, John has found great success in the internet world as a programmer, developer and Internet Service Provider.
John enjoys traveling the world with his lovely wife of 27 years, Carol.  They own a fitness franchise, a rental company, and an ISP.  John's hobbies are Tai Kwon Do, weight lifting, and playing guitar.
The Team In-Practice:
The Leadership Team for iShop seeks to serve others with distinct integrity, and to be actively engaged in alleviating devastation in communities worldwide. These experienced and humble men define the exceptional caliber of iShop, as their motivation and hope is to be a testimony to unconditional compassion, and to provide individuals and organizations with the resources to be more than advocates, but agents of real and tangible change.